DRAMAS have skillfully mastered the art of the in-between: Between a heavy heart and the knowledge that everything changes, that nothing stands still. Formed in 2016, the boundary-pushing art pop duo presented a big and emotional debut with their album Nothing Is Permanent (2018). In April 2021 DRAMAS will return with their second self-titled longplayer - meanwhile the duo amazes us with their new singles Bloodbath and Candy.



It’s always something special, when a young band is already surrounded by a certain hype, even before it has released its actual debut. Magical, mysterious and fascinating are just some of the terms that come up when talking about Laikka. On March 5, Laikka release their new single The Answer, which is about losing oneself in something in the past and an associated loss of control.



Berlin based sound artist and composer Jana Irmert is delving in the spheres of film sound, electroacoustic composition and audiovisual installation art. Following appearances at international festivals and exhibitions she released her acclaimed albums "End of absence" (2016) and "FLOOD" (2018). In 2019 she received the German Documentary Film Music Award. An EP "Cusp" (compositions taken from the soundtrack) was released in 2020 followed by "Everything minus all", a beautiful meditation about isolation / connection. A new album is coming in May 2021.


Manuel Rubey

Few artists manage to play their way into the hearts of their audience in such a versatile way as Manuel Rubey. He was once a singer in the band “Mondscheiner” and is currently in the great all-star formation “Familie Lässig”, landed a bestseller in 2020 with his book debut “Einmal noch schlafen, dann ist morgen” and is also a sought-after actor in the German-speaking world. On February 26 2021, Rubey will release the audio book, which has become much more than a simple audio version of the acclaimed book text and will also be released with four exclusive bonus songs produced by electronic producer Peter Zirbs



Following the release of his powerful and dark solo albums "Je suis le Ténébreux" (2016) and "Paradise Lost" (2018) London-based avantgarde musician Christopher James Chaplin presented his impressive third solo work "M" in 2020. It's the final part of a trilogy, a multi-layered album about change and transformation, featuring Finley Quaye, Mira Lu Kovacs and Aurelia Thierrée as guest artists. In October Chaplin released "Enosh", a first precursor to a new album project "Patriarchs" (coming in 2021).



Multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Peter Zirbs has released recordings under numerous pseudonyms, produced various artists, and scored a range of experimental films. In 2018 he finally stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist with his album debut »What if we don't exist?«. "The closest and most apt sonic comparison for "What If We Don’t Exist?" would be David Bowie’s Low, with its mixture of futurist Synth-Pop and graceful ambient music" (by US blogger Forestpunk). Following »On A Beautiful Day« (2020) including the acclaimed single "Locked In" (ft. former Archive frontman Craig Walker) Zirbs will release his new EP in Spring 2021.



Loretta Who - a fascinating, charismatic singer and artist with her stunning and acclaimed solo debut EP release 'Virtue' (2015) - including the singles 'All Over Me‘ and 'Virtue'. Following successful collaborations with artists such as Albin Janoska (SOHN) and Hubert Mauracher (Mauracher) she now presents her own distinctive musical microcosm. In 2021 she will return with new material of her own and being a part of a newly founded all-star collective.



Icelandic electronic music trio Stereo Hypnosis and British experimental musician and avantgarde composer Christopher Chaplin have played a number of concerts together in recent years. During that time, the idea of recording an album based on these live electronic improvisations began to emerge. In the summer of 2018 a fully equipped recording studio was set up in the town of Hvammstangi in northern Iceland, where the album »Bjarmi« was recorded live.



We are excited to announce our latest signing. Former Archive frontman and recent Booka Shade collaborator Craig Walker reinvented himself with a brilliant and powerful new solo EP »The Hurt« (2019) - his first solo release in ten years. Living in Berlin – a city with an electronic heartbeat – has undoubtedly influenced Craig as a writer and composer.