Following his powerful and dark solo album trilogy "Je suis le Ténébreux" (2016) , "Paradise Lost" (2018) and "M" (2020) London-based avant-garde composer Christopher James Chaplin will release his new major album project "Patriarchs" on November 26. "Patriarchs" refer to the ten antediluvian Patriarchs, the ten pre-Flood patriarchs listed in the genealogy of Genesis V - from Adam to Noah. The album is about the lineage of these patriarchs and their journey from the darkness of the Fall towards enlightenment. Another powerful work of art, situated between experimental electronic music and avant-garde.



When a young band is already surrounded by a certain hype, even before they have released their debut album, you know that something special is going on. Magical, mysterious and fascinating are just some of the terms that come up when talking about Laikka. After the internationally acclaimed singles “The Answer” and “Dissolving”, Laikka present a great and true electronic pop gem with their album debut “Morning Glow” (October 22). Compelling and fascinating how the duo thereby mixes dreamy pop, experimental electronics and dark techno into a unity.


DRAMAS have skillfully mastered the art of the in-between: Between a heavy heart and the knowledge that everything changes, that nothing stands still. Formed in 2016, the boundary-pushing art pop/electro duo presented a big and emotional debut with their album "Nothing Is Permanent" (2018). In April 2021 DRAMAS returned with their self-titled second longplayer including the singles "Bloodbath", "Candy" and "Noday", all of which caused a sensation on over 100 radio stations across Europe. A brand new single, "blah blah", will follow on November 23.



With her third album "The Soft Bit", sound artist and composer Jana Irmert explores the materiality of sounds. Using manipulated field recordings, voice samples and synthesizer sounds, she carves out electronic soundscapes as if she were using sonar in deep darkness. Jana Irmert's artistic output takes on various forms – from live performance and multichannel composition to collaborations with filmmakers, dancers and visual artists. In 2019 she received the German Documentary Film Music Award, in 2021 she has been nominated for an Edda Award for her sound design on Jóhann Jóhannsson's film "Last and First Men".



Electronic artist Peter Zirbs has released recordings under numerous pseudonyms and scored a range of experimental films. In 2018 he finally stepped into the spotlight with his solo album debut »What if we don't exist?«. Zirbs’ musical mixture of futuristic synth-pop, graceful ambient and minimal music even prompted an American music critic to compare it with Bowie’s legendary album Low. Already on Zirbs’ previous releases there are often experimental instrumental compositions. With a new fully instrumental EP "Splinters" (Oct 2021)  he will give more space to this artistic side.


Manuel Rubey

Few artists manage to play their way into the hearts of their audience in such a versatile way as Manuel Rubey. He was once a singer in the band “Mondscheiner” and is currently in the great all-star formation “Familie Lässig”, landed a bestseller in 2020 with his book debut “Einmal noch schlafen, dann ist morgen” and is also a sought-after actor in the German-speaking world. In February 2021, Rubey released the audio book, which has become much more than a simple audio version of the acclaimed book text and was also released with four exclusive bonus songs produced by electronic producer Peter Zirbs