When a promising young band is already surrounded by hype before they have released their debut EP you know something special is happening. Magical, mysterious and fascinating are just some of the terms that come to mind when talking about Laikka.
The duo lays equal emphasis on both visual aesthetics and music, and steps into the international spotlight with an exciting mix of experimental soundscapes, dreamy vocals and electronic beats. Rather loosely and coincidentally, the band’s name is reminiscent of the first living creature to make space travel history – and yet it’s also somewhat programmatic.
Formed in early 2020, Laikka deal with the great topics of our time, both musically and textually. A deep, melancholic look inside, strong emotions, the feeling of loneliness, diffuse fears, or even boredom in the digital age are often juxtaposed with their own big dreams. The overall appearance of the band is often influenced by a digital aesthetic and the breaking out of classic male stereotypes and attributes.

After the internationally acclaimed single “The Answer”, Laikka present another strong electronic pop gem with “Dissolving” on May 21. Fitting for the current times, it deals with fears of the future or failure, which lead to self-blockades and a certain self-alienation. However, Laikka don’t let us go without a certain glimmer of hope that this state can be overcome.

Photo © Tim Cavadini