Violeta Vicci

Violeta Vicci rides a motorbike, is fluent in seven languages, and feels at home in England, Switzerland and Spain. A multifaceted, contemporary violinist, vocalist and composer, she feels comfortable genre-crossing from classical to ambient, multilayered electronics, her influences ranging from Bach to Brian Eno. Her music has been played on BBC Radio 3 (Hannah Peel), Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC6 (Iggy Pop), KEXP and Resonance FM.

Since starting the violin at the age of four and giving her concert debut at the age of fifteen, she fulfilled her long life dream to study at the Royal Academy of Music. Violeta has recently supported the Orb on their 30th anniversary UK tour and collaborated with the likes of Thom Yorke, Elbow, Jonsi (Sigur Ros), Steeleye Span and Ellie Goulding. She also arranges the strings for Fontaines DC and writes and performs with psychedelic rock band TTRRUUCES. “We didn’t have a TV when growing up, so spending time in nature, building castles in the sand, reading, playing music and listening to fairy tales, played a big role in creating my inner magical universe.”

During lockdown, Vicci started “Live Music in Nature”  a series of live-streamed concerts performed in beautiful natural locations around the UK, combining strings, voice and effect pedals to create a soundtrack to nature

She has been nominated for a Royal Philharmonic Society Award 2021 and has released two studio albums to date. In October 2022, Violeta released “Autovia Remixed” on Liquid Sound Design.


Violeta spent her childhood summers in a 19th century cottage in a Swiss alpine valley – Cavaglia, Val Poschiavo, which is situated at 1750 m.s.l. To create this album, she took to translating the pristine valley and its surrounding lakes and glaciers, into music. Highlighting the fragility of the environment and the beauty and the devastation created by climate change, the album incorporates the natural world into it’s very fabric; each song a different place on the map, creating soundscapes with violin, viola, cello and vocals in combination with electronics made out of field recordings passed through modular synths, masterfully produced by collaborator Roger Goula.

„Cavaglia should be listened as a whole rather than in parts and pieces, as it carries a message that cannot be transcribed into sentences and words. It speaks a universal language, a call to action to find our own Cavaglia.“ (a close listen)


Violeta Vicci