Drum & Lace

We are delighted about this wonderful new addition to our family of artists. The Italian electronic artist Drum & Lace will release her second album and follow-up to her stunning debut in June 2024 on Fabrique. Her music has been described as being genre-fluid and having a „chameleon-like nature“ (A Closer Listen), melding together sampled field recordings, lush layers of synths, chamber instruments and electronic beats. She draws inspiration from film music, music concrete and nature to create textural electronica, often blending unlikely sounds with one another. Following the release of the stunning album opener "Solstice," along with tracks "Sisters" and "Nymph," Drum & Lace's grandiose and multi-layered new album ONDA is set for release on June 21.



„Laikka's new album Bleach, is the latest example of the potential of their musically inventiveness. Visionary sonics and dazzling vocals combine in the masterful work, with deft production and powerful narratives flowing throughout the 13-pronged album.” (Wonderland Magazine, UK). As a cross-genre post-pop duo, Laikka love to break with the conventions of contemporary electronic pop music. Their music is a wild, experimental and energetic sonic journey that effortlessly combines catchiness with a touch of pop melancholy. Laikka is increasingly pushing into the international spotlight, with their two new singles "Lava" and "Fireflies" serving as the first preludes to the third Laikka album set for release in September 2024. Album release show: September 27 at Flex Vienna.



DRAMAS have skillfully mastered the art of the in-between: Between a heavy heart and the knowledge that everything changes, that nothing stands still. Formed in 2016, the boundary-pushing art pop/electronic duo presented a big and emotional debut with their album "Nothing Is Permanent". In 2021 DRAMAS returned with their self-titled second longplayer including the singles "Bloodbath", "Candy" and "Undercover Dreamer", all of which caused a sensation on over 100 radio stations across Europe. Two brand new singles "AFK Mode" and "Coma Call" are the opening singles of the artpop duo’s new album, due out in 2024.



Following the release of his powerful and dark album trilogy "Je suis le Ténébreux", "Paradise Lost" and "M", British avant-garde composer Christopher James Chaplin has unveiled his latest project in 2021: "Patriarchs", released to critical acclaim. This project is a musical exploration of the Antediluvian patriarchs, from Adam to Noah, and is another captivating and daring work of art that straddles experimental electronic music and the avant-garde. Chaplin has also been wowing audiences with his live performances, releasing the concert album "Patriarchs Live" (2023) to shorten the wait for his new studio album "Door 1  Door 2", expected on September 21.



Seismic vibrations alter the ever-changing sonic surfaces of Jana Irmert's new experimental electronic album release "What Happens At Night". Like layers of sediment, sounds are being pushed up from underneath, floating away or sinking back to the bottom. „Irmert’s work swiftly slides from documentary lucidity into the glare of an obsession." (Wire Magazine) Jana Irmert's artistic output takes on various forms – from live performances and multichannel compositions to collaborations with filmmakers and visual artists. In 2019 she received the German Documentary Film Music Award, in 2021 she has been nominated for an Edda Award for her sound design on Jóhann Jóhannsson's film "Last and First Men".

Violeta Vicci

The multi-faceted, contemporary British-Swiss violinist and artist Violeta Vicci effortlessly manages the genre shift from classical to ambient music and multi-layered electronics. She collaborated with artists such as Thom Yorke, Elbow or Jonsi (Sigur Ros), arranges the strings for the post-punk shooting stars Fontaines DC and is currently supporting The Orb on their sold out UK tour. Violeta Vicci's breathtakingly beautiful new solo album "Cavaglia" was released last year and is now followed by a couple of remixes - starting with Turze, who has taken on the track "Orbital". "Cavaglia should be listened as a whole rather than in parts and pieces, as it carries a message that cannot be transcribed into sentences and words. It speaks a universal language, a call to action to find our own Cavaglia." (a closer listen).



Multi instrumentalist Peter Zirbs finally stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist in 2018 with his praised album debut »What if we don't exist?«. Zirbs’ musical mixture of futuristic synth-pop, experimental and graceful ambient and minimal music even prompted an American music critic to compare it with Bowie’s legendary album Low. After last year’s instrumental EP "Splinters" and his Europe-wide indie hit "Locked In" together with ex-Archive frontman Craig Walker, Zirbs' will release his long-awaited second longplayer "Melancholia Beach" in March 2024 for which he has once again brought numerous illustrious musical guests into the studio.



Neograph is the fresh and exciting new musical endeavor of electronic artist Peter Zirbs, whose experimental releases at the crossroads of minimal music, experimental electronics, and electro have earned him much attention in recent years. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of musical luminaries, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Isao Tomita, Soft Cell, Yello, Art of Noise, Philip Glass, and David Bowie, Neograph seeks a mixture of digital jaggedness and emotional motifs. The debut track „Neophilia“ was released in March 2023 and is the prelude to a series of instrumental pieces.