The next big thing is now within reach. DRAMAS will release their second self-titled album on April 9, 2021, on which the duo once again takes a big step further and explores boundaries. Their latest single prelude “Candy” shows the band musically from an unusually danceable side, with DRAMAS once again fusing opposites. Even sweets can have their bitter sides.

DRAMAS skillfully master the art of the in-between: between a heavy heart and the knowledge that everything changes, that nothing stands still. The artpop duo, founded in 2016, presented a great and emotional debut with their album “Nothing Is Permanent”, released in 2018, and landed indie airplay hits across Europe with several single releases from it – the song “Mess” was voted to the top of the official listener charts on Radio Eins in Germany.

Thus Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither – who not only thrills an audience of millions worldwide with his “Musicless Music Videos” on Youtube and even became a BBC award winner – also made a name for themselves as a live band. DRAMAS have already convinced their growing fan base at various festivals or as top-class tour support for the British shooting star Cosmo Sheldrake. 

The fact that DRAMAS can also be counted on internationally in the long term was underlined by the duo with their new singles “Undercover Dreamer” and “Bloodbath”, which were released in the pandemic year 2020 and attracted attention throughout Europe and even on the British Isles. 

Driven by the fascination of unconscious opposites and contradictions, Viktoria Winter and Mario Wienerroither wrap heavy and oppressive contents into reduced, deeply moving music. “What’s so heavy on this mind?”, DRAMAS once asked in the song “Libra” and still celebrate the coexistence of these opposites with their very own musical sound. Cineastic synthesizer, drum and piano sounds merge with Viktoria Winter’s unmistakable voice to form a great whole. 

“The song “Candy” is about thinking a lot about the future while forgetting about the present life. The situation of 2020 definitely inspired us to make this song. It brought us into a world where we are aiming to stay young and unbiased, longing for spotless minds and magic moments. What was really important to us, was the fact that the song is danceable. So now we can shake some of our struggles off.”

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