Fabrique is an independent record label, releasing and licensing electronic, experimental and Indie music since 2002. Over the years, Fabrique has also grown into music publishing and artist management.

What began as a playful interaction between electronic music and experimental art projects has developed into a multi-faceted international artists‘ portfolio over the years. Under the guidance of label entrepreneurs Michael Martinek and Christian Rösner it records astonishing output and numerous airplay hits, as well as music successfully licensed for film and advertising.

Fabrique’s current roster includes artists such as the British avant-garde composer Christopher James Chaplin, the award-winning Berlin sound artist and composer Jana Irmert, the electronic music and visual art duo Laikka, multi-instrumentalist Peter Zirbs, the art-pop duo DRAMAS, singer and songwriter Loretta Who or the British guitarist Boz Boorer, long-time co-songwriter, guitarist and musical director of Morrissey.

Fabrique Records has also enjoyed a long and fruitful cooperation with one of the most important international venues for the presentation and creation of unspoiled, original art with its own formal language (art brut), the gallery gugging in Lower Austria. The renowned gallery has always been a place of encounter for artists such as David Bowie, who visited this magical spot for album research several times. The jointly initiated galerie gugging special edition concert series and conceptual albums by Joachim Roedelius, Kava and Christopher James Chaplin have overturned the cliché of the standard label format.

The founders intended Fabrique to be an open, artistic and experimental workshop; this ambition has been fulfilled ever since the beginning and has since become the label’s defining trademark.