Loretta Who

The fascinating singer, songwriter and producer Loretta Who lives and works in Vienna. After successful musical projects and collaborations with artists such as Albin Janoska (Sohn) or Hubert Mauracher (Ping Ping) she finally presented her own distinctive musical microcosm with her first solo release.

The single „Virtue“, co-produced with Bernhard Hammer (Elektro Guzzi) found itself on numerous radio playlists around the globe. The accompanying artful music video was featured in numerous renowned music blogs from Germany to England to the USA. Her long-awaited predominantly electronic solo debut „Virtue EP“ also featured the acclaimed second single „All Over Me“.

In the years that followed, Loretta Who proved her artistic versatility with numerous other musical collaborations and live appearances.

In 2020, she finally teamed up with electronic producer Peter Zirbs for the critically acclaimed single release „Wasted“ and is now following it up with „Say Something“ in February 2023.

Images © Severin Koller


Peter Zirbs


Loretta Who