Lil Julez

Completely dedicated to a wonderfully trashy 60ies and 90ies aesthetic and combined with the current sound of the Gen Z Indie movement, the 22-year-old prodigy convinces with a charismatic voice and a golden touch for great melodies on his debut single “Saw Someone Like You”. For reinforcement, Lil Julez has additionally brought the up-and-coming young producer Patrick Vanek into the studio for his debut. “Going through my old demos recently I heard the poor recording quality of the number and thought to myself: fuck this is good, I need to record this again, now!

Lil Julez counts himself as part of the global Bedroom Pop movement and cites Boy Pablo, Pink Pantheress, Mac Demarco or Steve Lacy as his biggest musical influences – all international greats of the genre.  A certain amount of humor is also an essential part during the songwriting process – Lil Julez’ lyrics often seem ironic or almost absurd to leave as much room for interpretation as possible. He also has very specific ideas for the selection of individual sounds. A guitar sound, for example, can sound “like a mixture of Spongebob and the Beatles” and in general Julez likes electronic drums that are strongly inspired by hip-hop.

Lil Julez on the accompanying music video: “The basic idea was to recreate a Japanese karaoke setting, in which a trashy green screen is often used. The song sounds to me a bit like it was recorded underwater with Spongebob, hence all the sea creatures in the video. I’m also a big Wes Anderson fan, so I even got an original Chas Tenenbaum Adidas suit for the shoot.

“Saw Someone Like You” is the big opener for Lil Julez and the first of several singles planned for 2022.
Photo by © Mala Brandstötter


Lil Julez