Lil Julez

Completely dedicated to the wonderfully trashy 60s and 90s aesthetics and combined with the current sound of the Gen Z indie movement, the 23-year-old prodigy convinces with a charismatic voice and a golden touch for great melodies. Since his debut in spring 2022 and with various singles, he has been listed on numerous radio stations throughout Europe, stormed into the Top 10 of the national radio FM4 charts and convinced as an exciting live act and support for indie greats such as Geese from New York.

On 24 March his album debut „It Was A Hoax“ was released, which he recorded together with the young producer Patrick Vanek. The density of radio singles and strong songs on it is astonishing and surprising in view of the fact that it is a debut work.

Lil Julez on the album production process: „You can hear that during the making of the album, not only a great band but also deep friendships were formed. In the process, a lot of open conversations about feelings and fears also boosted the creative process enormously. Through the close collaboration with synth god Patrick Vanek, numerous electronic elements were added, which I would never have thought of when composing the album myself. I think together we succeeded in finding our own sound – an exciting mixture of 60s and modern pop music. The ironic album title „It Was A Hoax“ describes for me the fact that happy major melodies often hide rather melancholic lyrics. This tension between enormously happy and very melancholic is also reflected in my life.“

Lil Julez counts himself as part of the global bedroom pop movement and names Boy Pablo, Pink Pantheress, Mac Demarco or Steve Lacy among others as part of his musical influences – all international greats of the genre. A certain amount of humour is also an essential part during the songwriting process – Lil Julez‘ lyrics often seem ironic or almost absurd to leave as much room for interpretation as possible. He also has very specific requirements for the selection of individual sounds. A guitar sound, for example, can sound „like a mixture of Spongebob and the Beatles“, and in general Julez likes electronic drums that are also strongly inspired by hip-hop.

Artist photo by © Tim Cavadini

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Lil Julez


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– Rhiz, Vienna (album release show)