HEIDEMANN is the solo project of NY-based singer and multi-instrumentalist Monika Heidemann. When not performing and touring as HEIDEMANN, she plays synthesizers in The Juan MacLean and was formerly the lead singer of NYC’s electronic-pop band, Xylos.

HEIDEMANN performs minimalist pop songs with electric bass, synthesizers and pulsing analog drum machines supporting her fearlessly intimate vocals. After releasing her acclaimed solo debut Orphan EP in September 2014, HEIDEMANN is now gearing up to release her new Detectives EP, which includes the single “I’m So In Love,“ featuring vocals from Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem and The Juan MacLean).

New York Times: „Monika Heidemann has a warmly soothing voice, succulent even at its most ethereal“

Brooklyn Vegan: „A nice balance between modern pop and vintage sounds, with Heidemann’s strong vocals pulling it all together“

Indie Shuffle: „Minimalistic electronic pop at its best!“

(Pic © by Danielle Quintanilla)